Real Estate Law

As a Michigan real estate attorney, I provide my clients with representation in a wide variety of Michigan real estate law matters, such as commercial and high-end residential real estate purchases/sales, option agreements, loan/financing transactions, and leases.

Commercial Real Estate Purchases and Sales

I have represented a wide variety of clients in commercial real estate purchases and sales.  I have extensive experience in representing both sellers and buyers in these sorts of transactions.  My commercial real estate law services in this area include reviewing, negotiating, and preparing commercial real estate purchase/sale agreements, as well as related contracts/agreements and closing documents.  I strive to identify important legal issues for my clients in commercial real estate purchases/sales, and assists my clients in developing creative, yet legally sound, solutions to the complex problems and issues that are inherent in the purchase or sale of any piece of commercial real estate.

Commercial Real Estate Loan and Financing Transactions

I have represented clients in a wide variety of commercial real estate loan and financing transactions.  These transactions range from relatively simple and straightforward to more complex loan/security agreements and financing structures.  My goal in representing clients in these sorts of transactions is to protect their business and legal interests as much as possible, without losing sight of the business imperatives that accompany these kinds of deals.  I listen to my clients and their business goals, and then tailor my legal representation and negotiations to help my clients accomplish those goals. 

I understand that clients are not well-served by an attorney who takes unreasonable or unrealistic positions when it comes to negotiating commercial real estate loan or financing agreements.  I work hard to protect my clients business and legal interests, without costing my clients precious dollars trying to negotiate unattainable or  irrelevant concessions from lender's legal counsel.

Commercial Leases

I have extensive experience negotiating and preparing commercial leasing documents for both landlords and tenants.  My commercial leasing clients have come from a number of businesses and industries, including the industrial, office, medical, and retail sectors.  My experience in the commercial leasing field enables me to provide my clients with efficient, yet customized solutions to their particular leasing issues and needs. 

I often begin working on behalf of my commercial leasing clients at the letter of intent stage of the transaction.  This is one of the most important stages of a commercial leasing transaction as a client's important business and legal issues can be addressed at the outset of the commercial leasing process.  Many of the issues that I help my clients to address include construction, build-out, and other facility issues that require not only in depth legal knowledge, but also practical knowledge and experience in order to effectively represent and advance a client's interests. 

In each commercial leasing transaction, I focus on crafting solutions that will enable my clients to obtain favorable lease terms that help them meet their business goals and objectives.

Residential Real Estate Transactions

In addition to my commercial real estate law practice, I represent clients in high-end residential real estate transactions that include purchases/sales, loans/financing, and leases.  I bring the same level of focus and attention to bear on behalf of my residential real estate clients as I do to my commercial real estate clients.  I understand that many times a residential real estate transaction represents one of the most important events in my clients' personal lives.  My goal is to help protect my clients' legal interests while at the same time making every effort to facilitate the successful conclusion and closing of the transaction.

Any real estate transaction will have numerous legal consequences, and it is important to have competent legal counsel assisting you to make sure that your rights and expectations are protected.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any question about how I might be able to help you with your real estate law needs.