Business Succession

I provide my Michigan business law clients with practical and effective legal representation in business succession matters of all kinds. I draw on an interdisciplinary approach to advise and represent clients in business succession matters so that my clients' financial and legal goals can be reached in the most legally effective and tax efficient manner possible.

I understand that a successful business succession involves many moving parts and I strive to work well with my clients' other advisers such as accountants, CPA's and financial planners in order to craft and achieve a business succession plan that secures and rewards my clients for the hard work they put in while building up their business enterprises.

I also understand that business succession matters often involve my clients' lifework and therefore often present sensitive issues that must be dealt with very carefully in order for my clients to successfully implement a legally sound and operationally viable business succession plan.

Properly planning for a successful business succession is crucial for assuring continued success of any business. Please feel free to contact Michigan business attorney Michael J. Hamblin for more information on how he can help you with your Michigan business law needs.

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