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Misdemeanor Criminal Defense

Misdemeanor criminal charges in Michigan are generally described as relatively “minor” offenses. These types of charges typically range from petty offenses to more serious offenses that nonetheless fall short of felony criminal charges. Specific examples of Michigan misdemeanor offenses include, retail fraud, trespass, aggravated assault, certain types of domestic violence, and certain types of impaired driving infractions. In Michigan, misdemeanor offenses are punished by fines or by serving time in a local county jail for less than one year.

Although misdemeanor criminal charges are not the most serious charges that can be brought against a defendant, they should be taken and treated very seriously by anyone who is accused of a misdemeanor criminal offense in Michigan. These charges have the potential for costing a defendant a relatively significant amount of money in fines and court costs, and can also tarnish a person’s reputation and police record. More importantly, a misdemeanor conviction can result in you being deprived of your liberty, even if it is for what might be considered a “short” period of time compared to felony convictions.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor criminal offense in Michigan, you will usually either be arrested or be mailed a notice to appear at the local district court that has jurisdiction over your misdemeanor charge. There is no preliminary examination in Michigan misdemeanor criminal cases. The prosecution will pursue the case based on the information contained in the police report, which could very well turn out to be less than accurate, or outright false.

Anyone who has been charged with a misdemeanor criminal offense in Michigan should seek the services of an experienced Michigan misdemeanor attorney. These types of charges can be very stressful, aggravating, and embarrassing for you and your family. Fighting a Michigan misdemeanor charge should not be a “do-it-yourself” project. These charges can have very serious consequences and require the services of an experienced and skillful Michigan misdemeanor attorney.

I represent clients who have been charged with Michigan misdemeanor offenses. I have extensive litigation experience and have also served as a public defender for Michigan misdemeanor cases in two different Michigan counties.

I take a very aggressive approach to protecting my clients’ rights and draw on my litigation and public defender experience to obtain the best possible results that I can for my clients. If the prosecutor will not offer a plea deal that is acceptable to my clients, I will not hesitate to take these cases to trial and do all that I can to vindicate my clients’ rights.

If you have been charged with a Michigan misdemeanor criminal offense, please feel free to contact me for more information on how I may be able to assist you.

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