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Real Estate Law

As a Michigan real estate attorney, I represent clients in a wide variety of Michigan real estate law cases. These cases include both residential and commercial transactions. For example, I help clients with the legal aspects of purchasing and leasing both residential and commercial Michigan real estate. This can include assistance with negotiating and preparing the documents necessary to complete the desired Michigan real estate transaction.

I also help clients with other types of Michigan real estate law issues, such as easements, licenses, boundary disputes, zoning issues, encroachments, adverse possession, and many other types of Michigan real estate law issues

Michigan Residential Real Estate Transactions

In Michigan, most people do not involve an attorney when undertaking a residential real estate transaction. Most people believe that a realtor’s forms are the “standard” forms that contain everything needed to protect their legal rights in a Michigan residential real estate transaction. While in many cases no harm comes to someone who follows this path, in many cases it is not without significant legal risk.

Michigan real estate law is highly technical and is a dynamic area of law that undergoes constant change both in terms of legislative enactments and decisions by Michigan trial and appellate courts. The result of this is that even what may seem like a very simple and straightforward residential real estate transaction can be fraught with all kinds of legal issues and potential disputes.

Given that for most people, even a “simple” residential real estate transaction will involve one of the most expensive assets they will ever own, it is often advisable to get a Michigan real estate attorney involved to make sure that you fully understand the transaction and that all of your expectations and legal rights are met and preserved.

I bring the same level of focus and attention to bear on behalf of my Michigan residential real estate law clients as I do to my commercial real estate clients. I understand that many times a residential real estate transaction represents one of the most important events in my clients' personal lives.

As a Michigan real estate attorney, my goal is to help protect my clients' legal interests while at the same time making every effort to facilitate the successful conclusion and closing of their transaction.

Please contact Michigan real estate attorney Michael J. Hamblin if you wish to discuss your Michigan residential real estate law needs.

Michigan Commercial Real Estate Transactions

As a Michigan real estate attorney, I have many years of experience helping client with their Michigan commercial real estate law issues. Past cases have included representing clients in the purchase and sale of commercial property, entering into commercial leases as both landlord and tenant, zoning disputes, and the negotiation and documentation of loans and security agreements.

My experience in commercial real estate transactions ranges from relatively simple and straightforward cases to more complex ventures and transactions. My goal in representing clients in these sorts of transactions is to protect their business and legal interests as much as possible, without losing sight of the business imperatives that accompany these kinds of deals.

In all Michigan commercial real estate law cases, I listen to my clients and their business goals, and then tailor my legal representation and negotiations to help my clients accomplish those goals.

In particular, I have extensive experience negotiating and preparing Michigan commercial leasing documents for both landlords and tenants. My commercial leasing clients have come from a number of businesses and industries, including the industrial, office, medical, and retail sectors. My experience in the commercial leasing field enables me to provide my clients with efficient, yet customized solutions to their particular leasing issues and needs.

I often begin working on behalf of my commercial leasing clients at the letter of intent stage of the transaction. This is one of the most important stages of a commercial leasing transaction as a client's important business and legal issues can be addressed at the outset of the commercial leasing process.

Many of the issues that I help my clients to address include construction, build-out, and other facility issues that require not only in depth legal knowledge, but also practical knowledge and experience in order to effectively represent and advance a client's interests.

In each Michigan commercial leasing transaction, I focus on crafting solutions that will enable my clients to obtain favorable lease terms that help them meet their business goals and objectives. I understand that clients are not well-served by a Michigan real estate attorney who takes unreasonable or unrealistic positions when it comes to negotiating commercial real estate documents. To that end, I work hard to protect my clients’ business and legal interests, without costing my clients precious dollars trying to negotiate unattainable or irrelevant concessions from the opposing party’s legal counsel.

Please feel free to contact Michigan real estate attorney Michael J. Hamblin if you wish to discuss your Michigan commercial real estate law needs.

Michigan Real Estate Litigation and Disputes

In addition to representing in residential and commercial real estate transactions, I also represent clients in Michigan real estate litigation and disputes. In my 17 years of practicing law, I have represented clients in a wide variety of real estate litigation and disputes, including cases relating to the purchase and sale of commercial Michigan real estate, zoning disputes, leasing disputes, evictions, nuisance cases, boundary disputes, and adverse possession cases.

I understand that real estate litigation can be especially troubling for clients, given that there is typically a large dollar amount at stake, as well as significant business or personal interests involved in the outcome. I work with clients to help them clearly understand their rights and obligations under Michigan real estate law and to develop an appropriate and productive strategy for achieving the best results possible under the particular circumstances of their case.

I take a proactive approach to litigating Michigan real estate disputes, which includes aggressively pursuing factual investigations related to the case, as well as reviewing the relevant legal authorities that can aid in developing my clients’ case in the most advantageous way possible.

When litigating Michigan real estate disputes, I take every opportunity to explore possible settlement or early resolution whenever I believe it will be in my client’s best interests. However, if settlement or early resolution is not in my client’s interest, I will aggressively litigate on my clients’ behalf to protect and advance their legal rights.

I have handled litigation cases in numerous courts around the State of Michigan, as well as in the federal courts such as the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan and the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan. I have also successfully handled appeals in the Michigan Court of Appeal and the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

In handling Michigan real estate litigation cases, I bring to bear a broad, multi-disciplinary background that allows me to effectively spot relevant legal issues and address them in a way designed to further my clients’ interests in the most effective way possible. Although I cannot ever guarantee any particular outcome in a client’s case, I work hard to get the best possible resolution for my clients given the particular circumstances of their case.

Please feel free to contact Michigan real estate attorney Michael J. Hamblin if you need assistance with Michigan real estate litigation or a Michigan real estate dispute.

Client Reviews
I had a very difficult case. Mr. Hamblin treated me with respect and always kept me informed. He did a good job and I'd definitely recommend him. Ruth
I finally found an honest lawyer! He did not promise me the moon and navigated a complex contractual matter with excellence. The results were very satisfactory. Mr. Hamblin is an exceptional attorney. Neil
Not only is Micheal a great attorney but he's also a great person who cares about you and helping with your problems. I would feel confident in recommending him to anyone who is in need of an attorney. Lee
We retained Mike not long after he passed the bar and he's been our business attorney for almost 20 years. He's one of the best investments we've ever made. Mary